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Kelly Forge Hand Made Knives


All blades are made by hand forge, Since 1989  




About Us

Are you one of those people who love to collect a one of a kind hard to find knife or maybe you are a hunter who takes pride in what he hunts with while out in the wilderness, whatever the case may be you have came to the right place!

Here at Kelly Forge we promise high quality using knives at a reasonable price.

Billy Coffey has been making blades hand forged, since 1989 where he uses high carbon tool steel and damascus which he makes himself. 

Kelly Forge is the official distributor of Jerry Brumagen Japanese Sword Steel.  Jerry has been making Japanese Sword Steel since 1986, using traditional methods such as charcoal fired forge; in which the charcoal is made by Jerry. 

Interested in selling steel? Order through Kelly Forge!

Kelly Forge will supply pattern welding material.  If interested a request can be made for layer count and pattern such as ladder or raindrop. Kelly Forge will also provide cable pattern in bar stock and will provide knife blades in any stage of finish from rough forge to completely finished blade.

Jerry will provide traditional Japanese clay heat treat for his steel only!


Interested in becoming a dealer with Kelly Forge?
    Be sure to email!


Steel price of  1/4' x 1 1/4' is $10.00 per inch- all pattern welded and Japanese Sword Steel (on simple patterns only) Kelly Forge will quote you on more complicated pieces. 





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